KinoChronics – International Online Human Rights Film Festival set for March 12–14.

The first KinoChronics Film Festival, presented by the Human Rights House – Belgrade in partnership with HRH – Minsk, HRH – Voronezh, HRH – Yerevan, and EHRH – Chernihiv, will take place on March 12–14th, 2021.

The first edition of KinoChronics will run online and on demand only, allowing this year’s Festival to reach a global audience.

The programme will include eleven documentary movies from around the world, as well as two international online discussions with youth from Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Armenia. All movies are free to the public and available to watch throughout all days of the Festival. Our main goal is to raise awareness about common social issues, as well as to promote human and civil rights in all countries involved. For us, it is essential to preserve and promote the freedom of our citizens, encouraging them to participate and speak. The KinoChronics Festival has been made possible by the support of the Human Rights Foundation.

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